A life dedicated to others, lost to hate.

When anyone is murdered it is a tragedy, but when a young mother is mercilessly slain on the streets of her home town while simply doing her job to help others it is incomprehensible.

When I heard the news that Jo Cox had been killed I was shocked to the core that something so heinous and vile could happen on our streets. A public servant killed in cold blood doing her job serving her community.

As tributes have poured in from across the globe a picture has built of the type of person she was. She wanted to make the world a better place and fought against injustices around the world, as well as at home.

As a former aid worker she became an MP just a over year ago and it was clear she wanted to use her position to make a difference, championing the causes of the Syrian refugees and other international plights.

MPs are elected members of parliament, the people we vote for to make sure our voices are heard when we think no one is listening. Some people seem to forget that while they are 'politicians', they are still people just like you and me, people with colleagues, friends, families and children. They may be demonised in the media and critized for what they believe in but they are still human beings, who are simply doing their jobs and striving to make the country and the world a better place. 

Democracy is the foundation of our society and cannot be taken away, we must all have a voice and we must all have an opinion.

The biggest question that has arisen from this dreadful incident is; why is our world increasingly filled with so much hate? So much hate that an innocent, caring and selfless woman has been brutally murdered within the community that she loved and served, and taken from a loving husband and two young children, who will now grow up without a mother.

Underneath we are all the same, we are of the same flesh, we bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. 

Our differences should unite us not divide us. Our world should be built on love, compassion and cooperation, not hate and acts of extreme violence.

Times like these only highlight the need for us to all stand together and unite against a sea of depravity, where hate, anger and violence seems to be eroding all the human values we hold dear.

We enter this world alone and leave it alone, all that is left is our legacy, why would we want our time on this earth to be marred with hate and contempt for others?

Hopefully Jo Cox’s family can take some comfort in the knowledge that her legacy will be one of strength and grace in the face of adversity and that her compassion and commitment to others has shone through; especially when seeking to give a voice to those who need it most when others turned their backs.

The words of Jo’s husband should echo as the compounding message out of this senseless act, “we must fight against the hatred that killed her”.

For to conquer such hate we must love even harder. 


“We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.” Jo Cox